Long Term Resource Planning for Project for the Web

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Hope everyone is doing well this morning! 

I was wondering if anyone has had any success performing long term resource planning across multiple projects planned in P4W (Project for the Web), without using/having a Dynamics 365 license?

I'm trying to advocate for using P4W within my organization and am a fan myself but the lack of ability to perform long term resource planning while using P4W (my organization does not have any plans to adopt Dynamic 365) is a major draw back, Without a viable solution to this, P4W will likely not be adopted widely in my organization.

Any recommendations or solutions that others have identified and implemented are greatly appreciated!

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John --

Have you explored the possibility of using a Power BI report that shows resource utilization across all projects? Just a thought. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestion. That was actually my first instinct, since I'm already using it for other reporting around task status/completion, resource task assignments, and KPI data for management review.

So far, I haven't been able to come up with a way to use Power BI to accomplish this effectively. This definitely doesn't mean a good solution isn't available through Power BI. I'm far from a "power-user" when it comes to the Power BI product and someone with more experience could possibly come up with a viable way of making it work.