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I am creating a schedule for my construction company for the 2024 season. They want to level Foreman, materials, and equipment. I can add the resources and tag them under types. How do I level multiple resources at the same time?

Example: How to see what equipment is available and foreman are available in August.  

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I think your definition of "leveling" is different than what leveling means in Project. In Project leveling is used to alleviate overallocation of assigned resources. For example, Joe is assigned full time to two concurrent tasks so he is overallocated. By assigning a priority to the two tasks, (i.e. one is higher priority than the other), Project's leveling algorithm can move the lower priority task to alleviate the conflict.

As far as seeing what resources are available in any given time frame, that depends on how many resources have been assigned along with the max unit level of those resources. For example, if you have a 5 man crew of carpenters you could create a group resource with a max unit level of 500%. When those carpenters are assigned to various tasks, one carpenter each for 5 different concurrent tasks, or all 5 carpenters on one task, the total usage of those carpenters is viewable via the Resource Usage view, Peak field.

For reference, in Project material resources (consumables) have no max unit value and equipment resources (e.g. jackhammer, backhoe, etc.) are work resources just like a labor resource, although an equipment resource may have an associated cost/use (rental) or material (fuel) cost.

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Use the Resource Usage view to analyze and level resource overallocations. I would recommend you level overallocations one resource at a time, rather than all at once, so that you maintain control of the process. Hope this helps.

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