Is there any option if we can set the url to other environment


Question -- " I have installed project in a different environment and now wanted to access it hence wanted to know if I can access the project via, and can it be changed to the new environment where the project stuffs are installed."

Analysis --
As per the Analysis found that in non-Default environment, projects can be created and managed through the Project Power App. Users with the Project User and Project Common roles will see the Project app tile appear in Dynamics Home. Here the non default environments refers to developer which you can take. Hence I am afraid that will not be able to change the environment. Found the following article to know how we can deploy project to new environment like Developer : as we do not have an option to change the default to developer environment :


Hence need a confirmation on whether there is any option if we can set the url to use any other environment than default environment.

Else is there a option for a url for any other environment we install project? If there is option to have the same look and feel when we use



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Hello @Priya_elangovan ,

I haven't looked at this for a while now with other CDS environments but according to this article: you should see projects from other Production environments in Project Home:




I have a similar question. I've enabled Project in a Sandbox environment. Users can create projects in that environment by going to and setting their environment but that interface is not as user-friendly as the Home interface. The goal is to have each department/section have their own Production environment for customization and backup purposes. Is there a way to get the "Project Home" experience in environments other than the "Default" environment?

Hi @Priya_elangovan 


When you deploy Project to a Production environment (ie non-default Power Platform environment) it really becomes a Power Platform application with Project for the web rather than just the project for the web service running from  As Paul mentions in his reply, links to all projects accessible to the user will be available from, but navigation and experience differers, you click on a project in the default environment it will open the schedule in, if you open a project in a production environment it will take you to the power platform application.


To create easiser navigation to your production project environement there are, as always with Microsoft, are a couple I use:

  1. Instruct users to 'Pin' the environment to there waffle (from the M365 waffle, expand to show all apps, at the bottom you should see Business Applications (which will include your Project Production environment if it has been recently accessed)). Great article explaining this process is here.
  2. If there is a Team where you would like people to access and update Project information you can embed the production application as a tab in teams

Both of these options can really  help with the overall user experience.  




Thanks so the short answer to my question is: "No the Project Home experience for creating new projects is only available in the Default environment and will display all projects, irrespective of which environment the Projects were created in."

It would be better to have the Project Home experience be available for each environment e.g.
https://[org.][env] etc. as is the case with CRM and other Power Platform apps.