Is there a way to bring back tasks deleted accidentally in status updates in PWA?

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Our scheduler accidentally hit delete instead of publish task. 

Is there a way to bring back deleted tasks?  in the Status Updates?






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NLuu --

It took me a while to figure out where you are in Project Web App. Correct me if I am wrong, but you navigated to the Approval Center page in PWA, and then you clicked the History pick list button and selected the Status Updates item to navigate to the Status Updates History page. Correct?

If I am correct in my thinking so far, what has transpired so far is that the scheduler approved the pending task updates from team members in one or more projects, and now the scheduler wants to publish those updates. However, the scheduler accidentally deleted one or more of those approved task updates on the Status Updates History page. Again, am I correct?

Again, if I am correct, the scheduler needs to know that there is no way to recover the deleted task update that was approved but not published. What the scheduler will need to do is to open the project for editing, either in Microsoft Project or from the Project Center page in PWA, and save the latest changes to the project, and then to publish the latest changes as well. This will set the Action value to Published for every task update from the project in question, but it will not restore the deleted task update.

The next time a team member submits a task update for the update that was deleted, and the scheduler then approves the pending update, the approved task update that was previously deleted will magically reappear on the Status Updates page in PWA.

Hope this helps.

Hi Dale, thank you very much for your response. Yes we suspect that there isn't a way to recover the deleted tasks. However, he got what he thought deleted back. How, I don't know but you confirmed my understanding that there isn't a way (he said he stormed the publish button after realized his mistake). It was a miracle the tasks were still there.


I'm curious, why would MS leave "Delete button, next to Publish button anyway, it's very easy to make mistake, I'm sure we are not the first experienced this.