Is it possible to set resource units to 12.5% instead of 13% using fixed work tasks?




I'm wondering if there's any way to change the resource unit percentage to stay at 12.5% as I have a few tasks that take 1 hour of work but are likely to take a day to complete and I want the duration to show as 1 day instead of 0.96 days. Is this possible?


Thank you

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Sorry, I don't understand. This sample file shows all three task types with a resource assigned at 12.5%, (displayed assignment value rounded to 13%). In each case the total work is 1 hour and the task duration is 1 day. Note, the Max Units for each resource (Resource Sheet) is 100%.



Now, can I give you a custom field that will show the 12.5%? Yes, but.




Sorry - my mistake, I'm using fixed units instead of fixed work which may be making the difference. As seen in the test project capture, the duration shows as 0.96 days and was wanting it to round up to 1 day. 

How exactly did you assign the resource (step by step)? Also, what is your definition of a work day (default is 8 hrs)?

For reference the Duration field is internally stored to the nearest minute regardless of how it may be displayed in the Duration field. What would be more useful to see in your screen shot is the Task Usage view with the timescale set to display hours.




Yes, going by the default definition of a workday (8 hours)


I assigned the resource by:

  • Creating the task
  • Typing in resource name
  • Double click resource (on Gantt Chart View) to open Task Information, Resources Tab
  • Change units from 100% (default) to 12.5% (which project automatically changes to 13%)task view capture.JPG


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Interesting, but there is a missed step. As soon as the resource name is entered either directly or via the pick list, the default 100% initial assignment will lock the work at 8 hours for a 1 day task. If the assignment is then changed to 12.5% via the resource tab on the Task Information window, the duration will jump to 7.69 days to support the 8 hours of work. Editing the work back to 1 hr will cause the duration to take on the 0.96 days. I assume that's how yo got there.


However, if after assigning the resource, the default 8 hours of work is edited to the desired 1 hr, the user is presented with a couple choices.


Choosing the option shown yields the following result.



The interesting part is that by editing the resource units to 12.5% via the Resources tab on the Task Information window, Project not only rounds the value to 13%, but actually stores it internally as 13% instead of 12.5%. Why it does that, I don't know. However, there is a better method of assigning resources and that is via, Resource > Assignments group > Assign Resources. Entering a unit value of 12.5% will still show as rounded will be stored internally as 12.5%. That's the best practice method I always use to assign resources and how I got the results in my screen shot in my earlier response.





Thank you for your thorough explanation - using the best practice method to assign resources has solved the problem now, cheers for that!

You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.