Integrating Project, Project on the Web, Roadmap, Planner and Power BI with SharePoint

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Has anyone successfully integrated Project, Project for the Web, Roadmap, Planner, and Power BI with SharePoint? I'm particularly interested in:

  • Sharing best practices and lessons learned.
  • Understanding the best approach to link a data table from Excel to both a Microsoft Project Web App template and a SharePoint site.

Additionally, any insights into the frequency of data refresh between these tools would be appreciated.

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Hello @bio ,

What is the use case, what challenge are you trying to solve here? The Roadmap app doesn't link to SharePoint. Power BI can read SharePoint data. Project for the web out of the box will not link to SharePoint but if you use the Model Driven Project app, you can customise that and configure the SharePoint integration feature. Project, which version of Project do you refer to here, Project Desktop or Project Online?


Integrating Microsoft Project, Project on the Web, Roadmap, Planner, and Power BI with SharePoint enhances project management and reporting capabilities. Use Project for complex scheduling, Project on the Web for online project management, and Planner for task management. Roadmap aggregates project views, while Power BI provides advanced analytics and visualization. Connect these tools via SharePoint to centralize data, collaborate in real-time, and access dashboards and reports. Leverage Power Automate to automate workflows between these services, ensuring seamless data flow and efficient project tracking across the organization. This integration fosters transparency, improves decision-making, and streamlines project execution.