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I want to know if you can have an integrated schedule for 1 program across multiple project files in various groups

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Answer, "yes".

Now that I gave you the short answer, perhaps you could expand a bit on a few things so we could help you more.
1. What version of Project are you using?
2. What exactly do you mean by "multiple project files in various groups"?
3. What is your end goal?

1) I am using Project 2016 (Wish it could be done in Project for web)

2) I want this integrated schedule for this 1 program (Ex. Phone Display) to be integrated or available to other groups (Ex. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering etc)
3) The end goal is to have other groups be able to have access to the integrated schedule of the one program ( Ex. Phone Display)

Hopefully this makes sense Thanks!
Unfortunately Project for the Web has a ways to go before it reaches the capability of the desktop version of Project.

A dynamic master schedule can be created from individual Project files but there are some limitations. First, it cannot be setup on SharePoint or One Drive. Second, the linking structure of a dynamic master is fragile and prone to corruption if not managed with a lot of discipline. That makes it not really suitable for "casual" use by multiple individuals or groups. It's best to have a single knowledgeable user responsible for the master and it's "curation", so to speak.

A less fragile approach is via a static master. A static master is a snapshot in time of all the subprojects inserted into it. A static master is not prone to corruption but updates are not automatic (i.e. a static master must be recreated each time an update is desired). A static master would allow full access for all user groups while still allowing each group to separately maintain their own individual Project files.

Have you considered Project Online which is designed for an enterprise type of deployment?

I don't have access to it right now but only Microsoft for web and 2016. However if the users had access to the integrated schedule file, would it be best for them to just manually add it to their project?
What do you mean "add it to their project"? A master schedule, whether dynamic (the default when you use, Project > insert subproject), or static (uncheck the "link to project" option in the Insert Project subwindow), combines all subprojects into a single master.

I just heard that Project Online is now shifting to project for web. I tried downloading the trial version when i got this news
As I noted before, Project for the Web has a long way to go. You might want to check out the roadmap at:
I now have Project Online. What would be the best way to show a POC that I could have integrated schedules in Project Online
Unfortunately I don't use Project Online so I'll have to divert this thread to one of my colleagues who has the expertise.

Thanks John-project
jwalk15 --

This CAN be accomplished in Project Online, but you MUST have the Professional version of Microsoft Project 2016. If you have the Standard version of Microsoft Project 2016, then you will not be able to use Project Online to create the master project (you refer to this as an integrated schedule). If you DO have the Professional version of the software, then your Project Online app admin will need to add you to the Project Managers security group, and he/she will need to add the members of each of the groups to the Portfolio Viewers group. Members of the Portfolio Viewers group will be able to view the master project (integrated project) in the Project Center page of PWA.

In addition, if you DO have the Professional version of the software, then you will need to do the following:

1. Create a PWA Login account in Microsoft Project to connect your software to Project Online (refer to for the steps).
2. Launch Microsoft Project and connect to Project Online.
3. Individually open each project that will become part of the master project.
4. Save each project to Project Online and then publish each project as well. Close and check in each project, when finished with the Publish job.
5. Open a new blank project and insert each of the published projects as a subproject of the master project.
6. Save and publish the master project, then close and check in the project as well.

After you have done all of this, then the members of the Portfolio Viewers group will be able to view the master project (integrated project) on the Project Center page in PWA. To see the individual subprojects, they will need to select the "Gantt Chart" checkbox and the "Subprojects" checkbox in the Projects ribbon on the Project Center page. Keep in mind that members of the Portfolio Viewers have permission to view every project in Project Online, but they are limited to Read-Only permissions for every project. In other words, they can see every project, but they cannot edit any projects.

As you can see, to accomplish what you want to do CAN be done with Project Online, but doing so may be more work that you are willing to do. And please note that creating a master project IS NOT possible in Project for the Web. Hope this helps.
Microsoft keep trying to get me to use Project for Web, but I simply can't accomplish this on Project for web. Thanks Dale!
jwalk15 --

For the past 4 years, Microsoft has been announcing that they are going to get rid of Project Online and replace it with Project for the Web. Two weeks ago Microsoft announced at the Ignite conference that they are NOT going to get rid of Project Online after all. So, if you want to use Project Online, go for it, my friend! Microsoft is not going to "pull the plug" on it, so to speak!