Inactivate in progress tasks.

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Hello everyone! I have a small but important doubt. I want to inactivate in progress tasks, but as you may know, inactivate is only available for tasks with 0% progress.
In the company that i'm working, we receive tasks everyday that have different durations: from 1 day to 1 month. Sometimes, we start a task, but for some reason, we have to stop it (maybe at 30%, 50%, 80% progress), and we DON'T KNOW when we are going to start it again. How do i disable this task, without removing the assignment (so i don't lose the progress). Thanks!!

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As you found out, once a task is started, it can't be inactivated (disabled). There are basically three choices.
1. Extend the duration and claim no further progress
2. Split the task by dragging the Gantt bar from the end of current progress to when you think it might start again
3. Take note of the remaining work. Declare the task complete at it's current date and create a new task to pick up the remaining work. Assign the resource to the new task. At that point you can either inactivate the new task or leave it active and set a new anticipated start date.

Hope this helps.
Hello John, thanks for your reply! Well, that's pretty bad. So if i have no procedure to inactivate it, is there a way to hide the task on the resource view? That's my main point. Because it's always there, bothering, "auto-scheduling", and i have to always move it, or set real work time to 0 for a few days.
Thanks in advance!
The only way to "hide" tasks is through filtering. Use a Flag field (e.g. Flag1) to identify those tasks you want hidden. Then use either the autofilter or a create a custom filter.

Hello John, thanks again for your response. I suppose that, even if i hide the task, the resource is going to be occupied anyways. Am i right? Thanks!
Yes, hiding a task with a filter has no impact on task parameters, it's a visual change only. If you want to "free up" the resource I suggest you use option 3 of my initial response.