How to retrieve deleted projects on Project for the web?

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If my project is deleted on the Project for the web, is there any way to retrieve it? If not, any suggestions on how to back up?

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rel1122 -- When you delete a project in Project for the Web, there is no Undo operation to restore the deleted project, nor is there a Recycle Bin from which to restore the project. The only way to restore it is from a Dataverse backup. Refer to the Backups section of the following article to learn about how to back up Dataverse data:

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Hello @rel1122 ,

Unfortunately there is no easy way to recover this and potentially if you are in the Default Dataverse environment then there is no back up available: 

If you have deployed Project for the web into a Production or Sandbox environment then you can back up and restore: 

Project for the web by default is deployed to the Default environment so if you have the default deployment then unfortunately there is no back up that I am aware of.


Thanks for correcting me, PW. Now I know the user has a definitive answer! :)

Hello @rel1122
I hope that you retrieved deleted projects. But if this issue is still relevant to you, please, look at FluentPro Backup It helps you to restore your projects on the MS Project for the Web and avoid such situations in the future. Anyway, feel free to contact me here or via LinkedIn.