How to hide the ID column (row header) in MS Project?

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I want to hide the row header column in MS Project so it doesn’t print.  This is a fixed column on the left side of the MS Project task.  It has all the tasks IDs (1, 2, 3…).   I don’t want to see it since all my tasks are already showing the Outline Number.

Please note that I am not referring to the column ID that I can easily hide by right-click.  I am referring to the fixed left side column in MS Project.

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That column is locked by default in every table in Microsoft. This is so that when you scroll the task sheet to the right, the row ID numbers will still be displayed. It is similar to the Freeze Panes feature found in Microsoft Excel. I am not sure what benefit you will receive by hiding this column, but if you feel you must do so, I would recommend that you create a COPY of the task Entry table and give it a name like Entry for Printing. Be sure to select the Show in Menu checkbox when you copy the Entry table. Then you can modify the Entry for Printing table by doing the following:

1. Apply the Gantt Chart view, and then click the View tab to display the View ribbon.
2. In the Data section of the View ribbon, click the Tables pick list and select the More Tables item.
3. In the More Tables dialog, select the Entry for Printing table and then click the Edit button.
4. In the Table Definition dialog, DESELECT the Lock First Column checkbox.
5. In the Table Definition dialog, delete the ID, Indicators, and Task Mode fields.
6. In the Table Definition dialog, I would recommend you add the Successors column below the Predecessors column.
7. Click the OK button to close the dialog.
8. Click the Apply button to apply the Entry for Printing table.

After you have printed your project, you will need to return to the regular Entry table using the Tables pick list button in the View ribbon.

@Dale Howard thank you.  I wanted to remove from printing as it will go on a presentation and the ID information is not meaningful.

MERCI beaucoup Dale .
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