How To Handle Meetings In Project

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I have periodic meetings on the project schedule.  I've unchecked the Effort Driven box, and made it a fixed duration task since its only 1hour.  MS Project however,  is showing an overallocation because the meeting attendees are also scheduled to start on work tasks that same day.   So let's say they were going to attend the meeting from 8-9 and then would start on their work tasks after the meeting.  How do I reflect this in project so that it doesn't look like the resources are overallocated.  See screenshot

Screenshot 2022-05-23 082312.jpg

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There are various ways to handle meetings. One is to simply not include them as a detail task but just let them be part of normal work activity. However, if time spent in meeting is perhaps under a separate charge account then the meeting task should be separately listed.


For the latter, the simplest approach is to create a dependency as shown here.


Another option is to edit the assignment work start time as shown here


Depending on the how the assignment hours are spread over the "other tasking" (e.g. not necessarily a full 8 hours each day), adjusting the leveling options, (Resource > Level group > Leveling options), to look for overallocation on a "week by week" or "month by month" basis may be appropriate.


Hope this helps.