How to display count of baselines in project online for specific project?

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Hi all,

A project have 5 baselines. Another project have 4 baselines...etc. Then how to display the baseline count for specific project by using custom filed. Any one have idea about the custom formula?



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Well it might be possible with a very complex custom field formula but it would be much easier with VBA.


I say very complex custom field formula because it would have to utilize multiple tests to analyze every combination of the 11 Baselines along with a counter. If the baselines are always in sequence (i.e. Baseline, Baseline1, Baseline2, etc. as opposed to, Baseline, Baseline2, Baseline5, etc.) the formula would be a bit less complex but nonetheless still large. So, if the baselines are in sequence, this formula in a custom Number field will do it, at least up through Baseline5. It will be on a task by task basis but you can rollup the maximum to summary lines which will include the Project Summary Task.

Number1=IIf([Baseline5 Start]<50000,6,IIf([Baseline4 Start]<50000,5,IIf([Baseline3 Start]<50000,4,IIf([Baseline2 Start]<50000,3,IIf([Baseline1 Start]<50000,2,IIf([Baseline Start]<50000,1,0))))))


Hope this helps


Oops, I didn't notice that you are using Project Online at first. I developed the formula for use with the desktop version of Project, I do not know if it will work with Project Online.


Hi @John-project ,

Thank u for your inputs......

Yes I am using project online. So, I had searched some forums and I got this formula to get the count of baselines.

This is the formula which I have used in project online custom filed 

IIf([Baseline10 Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "11", IIf([Baseline9 Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "10", IIf([Baseline8 Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "9", IIf([Baseline7 Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "8", IIf([Baseline6 Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "7", IIf([Baseline5 Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "6", IIf([Baseline4 Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "5", IIf([Baseline3 Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "4", IIf([Baseline2 Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "3", IIf([Baseline1 Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "2", IIf([Baseline Finish] <> ProjDateValue("NA"), "1", IIf(IsNull([Baseline Finish]), "0", "No Value"))))))))))))