Help needed on MS Projects.

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Hi Guys,

Can you please assist me on the following. I cannot find the problem. On my MS Projects Schedule I have the following: 

% Planned     and     % Complete


Now here is the thing. I can only get a value % after I put in a number of days, but I do not want to do that as it is a milestone. The day must stay 0. If I make the number of days 0 then I do not get a % value, How do I change that again, please? 

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As per attachment. You will see the parts that is marked yellow. On the % Planned it give me a value but on % Complete it do not give me a value. As per my previous question, if you add days to the milestones then the % complete is correct but as I mentioned it is a milestone and I cannot add days. Capture.PNG

What exactly are you expecting to see for % Complete on the "Contract Milestones" summary line?

Percent complete for a summary line is calculated by the formula:
(sum of subtask actual durations)/(sum of subtask durations) * 100%

Since a milestone by definition has zero duration (it's just a point in time) the formula will always yield 0%, until, all milestones are 100%.

Apparently you have developed your own formula for % Planned. If you want some type of metric on how many milestones under the milestone summary line are complete, you will need to develop a custom formula for it.

Hope this helps.


Thank You so much for your explanation. Do you perhaps know of a formula I can use just for testing purposes? 

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Here is a sample plan with a group of milestones under a summary line. The Number1 field is customized with the formula shown. The summary line is set to sum up the number of completed milestones.


Hope this helps.



@John-project Thank You so much. I have tried the formula on myside but it still give me a syntax error. I also tried to retype it again but it still give me a syntax error.


Can you please assist?


I would help if you would post your formula. However, it may be as simple as changing the delimiter, which is a comma on my system, with a semicolon, which may be the delimiter on your system. For example, try this syntax:

IIf([Milestone]=True And [% complete]=100;1;0)