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Hi Community,

I need to grant a new user the minimum permissions to be able to create and manage a new PWA instance.

Could you please share the required permissions list?


Thank you in advance. 

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@Knowledgeseeker --


You will simply need to add this user to the Administrators group in PWA.  That will give them the permissions they require.  Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 

Do you mean I create the PWA firstly myself then I add that person as an administrator? If so, I had two options Administrator and Principal administrator. 


I appreciate your time. 

Knowledgeseeker --

Yes, create the new PWA site first and then change the Permission Management setting to Project Permission Mode. You can do this by clicking PWA Settings > Additional Server Settings and then changing the setting. By using the Project Permission Mode setting, Project Online will create the security groups that will give your administrator the permissions granularity that he/she needs to manage users in the system. Then add the user to the default Administrators group. Hope this helps.
Since you mentioned using the Project Permission Mode, would adding users to the administrator group allow them to see only projects or objects they have created? If no, how it can be done.

I appreciate your reply.
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Knowledgeseeker --

No, add these users to the Project Managers group. The default permissions in this group allow each PM to see only the projects that he/she has created. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 


Thank you :)