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I have a simple problem but cant resolve it.


How can i set up my setting so when a activity lasts 2 days (lets say it starts monday), the gantt view shows it ends at the end of tuesday?


I put 2 days for duration but it shows 2.5 days in my gantt!


I´m just gonna use the gantt view to see full days, not hours


Thank you guys!


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Sorry but you don't give quite enough information. What exactly are you trying to do? A screen shot might help, especially the part where you say you entered 2 days duration but the Gantt bar shows 2.5 days. That just doesn't compute.

What is your project calendar?
What is your definition of a "day" in Project options?
What are the timescale tier settings?


Also, keep in mind that Project keeps track of time to the nearest minute, regardless of what unit is selected for duration.



Thanks John for the response. Sorry for the poor information, I understand that there are many configurations in project and I have only recently started using it. Attached you will find a screenshot of what i mean. The activity duration is 1.56 days and in the gantt view it marks three days.


I think this happened because i started to change the calendar settings and the working hours. 

My settings where:Gantt view

  • Calendar: Standard 
  • Start hour: 0:30
  • End hour: 23:30
  • Hours per day: 24

I started a new Project sheet and started from 0, every configuration as default and i didn't have a problem. 


Thanks for your time and help, have a wonderful week!




Sorry the screen shot didn't come through. Your reply says an image is attached, but it's not there.

It sounds like you want to use a 24 hour Project calendar. Instead of trying to create one, I suggest you use the built-in 24 calendar. However, be advised that even if you select the 24 hour calendar as your Project calendar, by default the Project Start date shown in Project Information will still be 8:00.

As a new user of Project you will find several little things that need to be considered/addressed when putting together a schedule.




Your calendar setting from 00:30 to 23:30 shows you have 23 hrs in a day not 24 hrs. So, when you enter 2 days (48 hrs), this shows up on Gantt over 2+ days, 23 hrs on 1st day, 23 hrs on 2nd day & 2hrs on 3rd day.


Either change your hours per day to 23 hrs or change your start time from 00:00 to 00:00.