Fill in Project Start Date

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What magic do I need to series fill a date? Like in Excel. I had to do manually.

For example:

Mon 10/11/21
Tue 10/12/21
Wed 10/13/21
Thu 10/14/21
Fri 10/15/21



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Sorry but Project does not have that feature. It could be done with a little VBA but that's it.


Yeeeesh. Thanks!
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.
I think the feature is appropriate in Excel because users are often creating spreadsheets with a consecutive dates, (I do that myself), but there are very few instances in a schedule where the dates are consecutive.
My first time using project. I guess I'm doing something odd. I am sort of using the dates to estimate an outcome. Later I will put actual dates. But ... still...its in the same family as excel...seemed like a no brainer for it to be there. Oh well. Thanks again.
Same family as Excel? Yeah, they are both Microsoft applications and they look similar (i.e. rows and columns) but there are big differences. Excel is an "open form" where data in any cell can be anything the user wants. Project is a "closed form" with three major types of data, task, resource and assignment that are specific to rows and columns (fields).

Excel is user friendly and fairly easy to learn. Project is not user friendly and for someone who is not familiar with project management processes, there is a steep learning curve. So, yeah, it is a "brainer".
I hear ya. Tx.