Enable PWA for a O365 group site

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Hi all,


Is it possable to enable PWA for a O365 Group site?


ive been able to enable it for our standalone sites, but as the Group sites do not show up under the admin center. this cant be done.


i assume there is a powershell command? (new to the powershell stuff)





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Would like to know as well
Tried to tag @Brian Smith but no luck. Who maintains this community on the MSFT side aside from him?

PWA can only be enabled on a subset of SharePoint site template types - and Group sites are not in that list Michael.  Sorryfor the delayed response.



No worries! When I entered in @Brian the drop down list disappeared so it looked like I couldn't tag you. It worked if I just ignored the dropdown and typed your full name out. Glitchy! Thanks for the response.

@Brian Smith Are there any plans to change that?