Earned Value Management - resource vs cost

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I have a query and hoping someone is able to clarify, am I able to utilise plain cost to tasks instead of assigning resources with an hourly charge in order for earned value calculations to work?


Instead of assigning a resource to a task in order for a cost to be set for the task, can I just add a cost to a task directly?


I have tried to do this several times but I seem to keep getting no values for Cost Variance (CV),  Schedule Variance (SV) is calculated but not CV. 


I am asking this as we are not able to add neither specific resources to tasks or have individual hourly costs to each resource and so this is not practical for us. 

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EmadMelb --

If you want to use the default Earned Value measurements in Microsoft Project, there are a number of requirements which you MUST meet. One of those requirements is creating Work resources and specifying a Standard Rate of at least $1/hour for each resource. Another requirement is assigning the Work resources to tasks in the project, so that Microsoft Project can calculate the cost of each task and assignment. You will also need to save a Baseline when the schedule is completely planned. When you are ready to enter progress, you will also need to specify the Status date for your project (normally the last day of the previous reporting period) and then you will need to manually enter progress as of the Status date. Does that help? Let us know.