Downloading and importing international calendars?

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Hi, in a video lecture I heard it mentioned that it should be possible to download and import calendars to Project. When working with team members from different countries it would be convenient to download calendars adapted for each country. However, I can not find anything about this when googling.


Someone who knows?


Best, Per Alm


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i don't know of any way to import a calendar, at least not into the desktop version of Project. In the video lecture, did it provide any details or what version of Project could do the import?

It is possible to "import" calendar information from another application (e.g. Excel) using VBA. It might also be possible to import calendar information from Outlook using VBA.


Maybe my colleagues are aware of other possibilities and will check in with their suggestions.


Thanks John. It is in this video from Learnit Training, at the time 1:22:50. Here is a link starting at that time: Overall, an excellent video. He says: "You can download calendars and make those part of your global template. You learn how later on." However, I can not find it mentioned again, neither in this video for beginners or the following advanced video: The lecturer is David Lieberman, now at Maybe I'll try to contact him.
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Per-Alm --

If the country calendars were created in Microsoft Project, then you can definitely import them. If they were created in any other application, such as Microsoft Excel, then you cannot import them.

To import a calendar in Microsoft Project, do the following:

1. Ask the user to send you a Microsoft Project file that contains the country calendar.
2. Open the project containing the country calendar.
3. Click File > Info > Organizer.
4. In the Organizer dialog, click the Calendars tab.
5. Select the country calendar on the RIGHT SIDE of the dialog (in the project you received) and then click the Copy button to copy the calendar to the LEFT SIDE of the dialog (to your Global.mpt file).
6. Click the Close button and then exit the Backstage.
7. Close the project and then exit Microsoft Project completely.

When the custom country calendars are saved in your Global.mpt file, they will be available for your use every time you launch Microsoft Project. Hope this helps.
Yeah, I missed the obvious answer. I assumed the user was talking about importing calendars from something other than Project. Thanks for jumping in.
Thanks a lot Dale! OK, so then I just have to find calendars to import... :) You do not know a source on the web, for downloading for example a calendar with US holidays?
Per_Alm --

Not that I am aware of. I do remember that in the past year, someone in MPUG offered a custom calendar for sale that included 20 years of all US federal holidays. The calendar was not free, by the way. If interested, you might check with MPUG about that. And you are more than welcome for the help, my friend!
Excellent to get this community help :) I'll try to contact David Lieberman, to ask if he knows about calendars for download. Best, Per
I quickly got a reply from David Lieberman. He looked around for me, but could not find a calendar file. He wrote that if I do one he would be interested if I can send it to him, and he will make it available on the web. So, I guess that goes for anyone doing calendar files, you can send them to David Lieberman, to be found in LinkedIn.