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I need to know if there is the possibility to set a view for PWA (e.g. Projects, Timesheet, Project details) as default view.


Usually, when defining a view in SharePoint, the option to set the view as default is in the view definition page itself. In PWA, in the new view definition, the option is missing.


Is it possible to set a view as default view?


Thank you.

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Hello @Paolone67 ,

Unfortunately this is not a feature available in Project Online PWA views, users will see the last view they used by default. 


Well but when I install PWA for the first time and the system does not know which is the last view a user used, what will PWA display as view? How can I discover which is the first view that is shown to a new user by the system? Thank you

Thank you.
Paolone67 --

There is a a default view that PWA displays when a user visits a page for the first time, but this is a system default view and NOT a view that the app admin can set for everyone. For example, the first time each user accesses the Project Center page, the system displays the Summary view by default. So, the answer is still no, it is not possible for the app admin to display the default view on each page in PWA. Hope this clarification helps.