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I am trying to use the date range filter in ms project and I put in my dates for let's say a 1 month timeframe but some of the tasks that come back when I run the filter are showing to be outside of the date range I enter. Anyone have any idea why this would possibly happen?

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When you say "outside of the date range", what exactly do you mean? Look carefully at what the filter is doing. It does NOT limit the result to tasks that start AND finish in the range, rather, it shows tasks that in completely in the range or that start or finish within the range.

Hi John,

What I am looking to see is an exact range of what is due to start and end for a specific period of time. I set the date range for a month (starting on or after 7/10 and then ending before or on 8/10) and tasks with dates for 2024 and 2025 appear. It should bring up only those tasks that start on or after the start date and then ones that finish before the 8/10 date. It should be pretty cut and dry but it doesnt seem to work correctly for some reason. Thank You
Yeah that does seem a little off. By default the Date Range filter does include related summary rows. Are those the areas where you are seeing the 2024 and 2025 dates?

A screen shot could be helpful.




Hi John, I set the date range for one month from today until 8/11 and this is one task that comes up. Hopefully you can see the attachment.



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The task in your screen shot has a finish date that is "greater than or equal to" today's date. And it's start date is "less than or equal to" 8/11/23. So yup, it's in the date range.

I have always felt the structure of the Date Range filter is confusing, but, it does do what it says.

It is most confusing because the second part asks "and before", which makes you think that it is within the one month that you are entering but it isn't true then.
As I said, confusing. But hopefully I answered your question.

John, I appreciate your long have you been working with MS Project?

You're welcome and thanks for the feedback. I've worked with Project since 1997 or thereabouts, so a couple of years anyway.
John had a 20 yr layoff from having to use Project so it is a learning curve for me....been back in it for about 4 months. I have done filters recently but never a date filter. Would you happen to have a good link to a place that would teach me how to create a date filter. I want to do a lookahead 6 month and 1 yr calendar. Thank You, Aaron
Date filters aren't that difficult but they can be tricky. I contacted a colleague who does a lot of training on Project custom field formulas. I asked if he would jump into this thread and help out. I'll check back later to see if you get the help you need.


Hi Aaron,

I would search the internet for the subject. There are plenty of articles on the date range filters and lookahead filters on the internet such as the one below:

I hope this helps.

PS. Prompt messages in the Date Range filter are confusing. 



Thank you for your help Isaac
You're welcome.