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In the past few weeks I encountered into these problems: 

(1) I open an existing schedule - the entry table is aligned to the left - and not to the right. (Hebrew Project) - see attached "Screen 1.png"

-- I found a "detour" by clicking filter "All tasks" - so the table is aligned to the right - but this is a detour, not a solution.

(2) When adding a column to the table - all the headline row from that point - is missing. See attached "Screen 2.png".

-- I found a "detour" by resizing one of columns that its headline is presented. Then they all appear. Once again - this is not a solution.

(3) Progress line presented not in the update date - but way in the past (months ago), and after some time, it may suddenly switch to the update date. However, many times it is not presented at all. You can find it suddenly in printing (but who needs it there? I need it for work...) See "Screen 3.png". Line  "A" is the progress line in the end of February 2021, when the update date is July 1st, 2021 (line "B"). 


Other users approached me to ask if I'm experiencing the "missing data" (section 1 above), so I know I'm not the only one...


What can be done to fix this?

I'm using Project Professional 2019 (16.0.14131.20278) Hebrew, Windows 10 Pro (19041.1052)


Screen 1.pngScreen 2.pngScreen 3.png






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