Customising Ribbon Icon size and Names

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I'm looking for some assistance with customising a ribbon in MS Project 2016. I have two issues.


1) Icon Size

When I just copy a standard control (e.g. Indent, Outdent, etc.) over to my customised ribbon they always have a large icon displayed.

I want to be able to customise this and use small icons instead.

When I look at the XML in the MSProject.officeUI file at C:\Users\(My_user)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office I see

<mso:group id="Planning" label="Planning" autoScale="true">

<mso:control idQ="mso:TaskOutdent" visible="true"/>

<mso:control idQ="mso:TaskIndent" visible="true"/>

I edit the XML to have the following

<mso:group id="Planning" label="Planning">

<mso:control idQ="mso:TaskOutdent" size="medium" visible="true"/>
<mso:control idQ="mso:TaskIndent" size="medium" visible="true"/>

And then I start MS Project.

And Lo, it works. I end up with small icons and their name next to them, just as desired.

BUT. . . 

When I restart MS Project a second time the edits in the file disappear and icons are back to their large size. It appears that MS Project rewrites the file on exit even though no changes are made.

I would appreciate some assistance with what I have to do to keep these icons as small.


2) Status Date

On the Project ribbon the Status Date control has a label of "Status Date:" to the right (and as you know, it displays the status date value to the left).

When I copy this control to the Custom ribbon this "Status Date:" label disappears but the date value is still displayed.

If I try to add a name of "Status Date:" to the control on the custom ribbon this prevents the status date value from being displayed.

I would also appreciate assistance on adding this label back to the custom ribbon while still having the value displayed.


Thank You


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Gilgamesh1964 --

I did some research this morning and could not find any default method to solve either of your Ribbon customization problems. Maybe someone else in this forum will have some ideas for you. Hope this helps.