Custom Fields in MSP not publishing

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Hi All,


Our company has PPM (Sharepoint) for the last few years. We always managed to create custom fields /look up tables with no troubles.


Recently however we are running into this issue where we create the custom field and can use it within PPM/MSP, but as soon as we publish and check it in, the information dissapears from the schedule and the connected Power BI reports.


However, when we create a new schedule (after fields has been created) the column keeps and puplish the data. This issue only occurs on schedules previously created.


Please help

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Hello @JeremyJvR ,

I've not seen this before but keen to see if I can repro this to help investigate. What version of PWA are you using? Project Online or Project Server? If Project Server, what version and what has changed on the farm between the time this was working fine and since the issue started?