Custom field column cannot be displayed in SharePoint task list and Project map field

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Hi folks,

This thread is a follow up to a support query that was made recently. Complete information on the issue are available in this link:


  1. I have a P3 License, and I can map custom fields that are just text based in a given Sharepoint task list;
  2. I can use custom columns with lookup tables, using both text and graphic indicators using Project Professional;
  3. I cannot sync those custom columns using lookup tables in the Sharepoint Task List;

According to the support, they can replicate the same issue and recommended that I posted it here to check if there's any solution on the developer’s side.

So… Is there any reason why I cannot map a given column that uses lookup tables to a Sharepoint Task List Project?

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Hello @IvanAires ,

This is a limitation, I thought it would be due to the target SharePoint column type but that doesn't make a difference. How come you want this data in the SharePoint task list on the Project Site? If we know the problem that you're trying to solve there might be another solution as you're using Project Online. 


Hi@Paul Mather 

Thanks for the reply. Just now I realised that there was an answer for the thread.

So. What I do is: I use a few bookmarks in MS Project so I can identify tasks that are being done, paused, cancelled, done, etc. It works fine in Project.