Connect MS Project to multiple MS Planner plans

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I am using a single MS Project file for overall management of multiple sub-projects.

Can I connect the MS Project file to Multiple MS Planner plans?

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KenPb --

First of all, to connect a Microsoft Project schedule to a Planner plan, you must be using Microsoft Project with Project Online, and the project must be an enterprise project that has been saved and published in Project Online. Assuming this is true in your situation, yes, you can connect a single project to multiple Planner plans. You do this by connecting a task to a Planner plan. The limit is one Planner plan per task. Make sense? Let us know. Thanks!

Hi @Dale Howard, Thank you very much for the quick response.  Very much appreciated.  The corporate license I currently have is for MS Project Professional so that explains why the Planner connectivity is not enabled.  I have requested the MS Project Online version so that we can utilize this powerful feature.

A follow-up question.  I have created a number of MS Planner plans, once I have the Online version, when I create a task and assign it to a resource, and assocaite the task to a bucket in Planner, does the task automatically generate in the bucket?

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Ken Pitre

Ken --

No, the feature in Microsoft Project only creates a hyperlink from the task in the project to the Planner plan. There is no interaction between Microsoft Project and Planner. I know the lack of functionality with this feature disappoints people, but it is what is is. Hope this helps.
@Dale Howard, thank again for the very helpful information.

@Dale Howard - I am reviewing solutions for our EPMO and am interested in seeing this functionality. When you talk about project creating a hyperlink only and no interaction between them, would you be able to provide a visual of what you mean? I didn't quite follow. 


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Shanna --

When you link a Planner plan to a task in an enterprise project, Microsoft Project displays an indicator in the Indicators column to the left of the task name. When you click on the indicator, Microsoft Project opens the plan in Planner. That is the extent of the interaction between these two tools. Make sense? Let me know.