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Hello, all!


First, let me thank community for great help I've got here earlier. :)


I met unexpected issue with Pro0ject while tried to change the owner of the project.


What I got in place:

- Number of projects on the server, all created myself with differenp persons set as Project Owners. All tasks in project I created myself also, so I am ststus manager for tasks.

- Project Managers Group settings: users were added to group directly, all permissions are set as standard with "Project Manager" preset. One Category "My Projects" is included in this group.

- Category "My Projects":

-- permissions are set with standard presets as well

-- no projects selected as included to category

-- option "dynamically include projects in which user is Project Owner or Status Manager" is checked


When I create new project, set the owner, this person sees the particlular project in Projects Center.

And it looks OK, because person is project owner and that respects to option above.


But when I change the owner of the project, new project owner does not see the project in the list.

What I expect, that if option "dynamically include projects in which user is Project Owner or Status Manager" is set, particular project should become avaliable for person as he is set new Project Onwer.

But it does not work somehow.


Do you have any ideas  of what could be wrong?

I try to keep easy permissions management approach with options described above, but it does not work as expected.

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Ilya --

It is a mystery to me why you are having this problem, but I suspect it has to do with permissions you have set in your custom security group. Out of curiosity, what happens if you remove your PMs from the custom security group and add them to the default Project Managers security group? Do you still have this problem? Please try this and let us know the results. Thanks!

@Dale Howard 

Dear Dale, unfortunately I could not find the way to fix this issue, so the dision made was to create new project by actual project owner and copy all data to new project file.

Old project was deleted from server.