Can't see activities assigned.

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My resources can't see their activities assigned by me on Project Web App. I checked all the permissions that they have and they are Admins. 

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Hello @OscarVerdin ,

Who is the Assignment Owner for these assignments? Does the Assignment Owner value match the Resource Names you are assigning to the Tasks?


Hello @Paul Mather 


I'm the owner of the project, first I made the project on Project Pro before to save the project I published it on my PWA site and automatically it's saved on my PC. when I assigned resources, I selected them from the "Creat team company" and they recived the notification on their email. Yes, the Assignment Owner value match the resource names.




Thank you Paul! 


- Oscar.

Hi @OscarVerdin ,

Is that screen shot for a new blank project? So when the users go to PWA Tasks {PWA site}/Tasks.aspx they see an empty grid? Any filters applied? 

Hi @Paul Mather 

Yes, It was a new blank project. correct, when the resources check their tasks on PWA the grid is empty, is not any filters is applicated.