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Hello everyone,
My organization uses project and powerBI as tools of PMO.
I'm responsible for BI Dashboards and i need to show the progress of some projects since last week. I see the best and maybe only way to do this is saving baselines at project and then comparing them at my dashboard, but baselines only save few informations like FinishDate, Cost, Duration, Work... How can save progress using baselines? There is any setting to do it?
What i want is like this:
Project A Progress 50% at Date A (Baseline 1)
Project A Progress 75% at Date B (Baseline 2)
Any way to do this? Thanks

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Hello @BrunoErhardt ,

You will need a data snapshot type solution. I have a blog post with a solution starter example here: 

From what you describe, if you started with the example in the post you would need to add in the % complete field. You might also want to store the snapshot data in to another source such as Azure SQL database or CDS etc. rather than SharePoint lists - it really depends how much data you will end up storing.

Hope that helps