API reporting data fields and limitations

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The API feed for projects only includes the last modified date for baselines [ProjectBaselineModifiedDate] and not the actual date that the baseline was established. To get to that, I need to open MS Project. This is sufficient for out immediate needs with this caveat: if, for any reason, the project is restored from back up or otherwise modified externally, this also updates the [ProjectBaselineModifiedDate] even though the date of the baseline remains the same. We acknowledge this reality.

Recently, 10 projects have had the [ProjectBaselineModifiedDate] modified without any action on our part. This is causing confusion in our reporting.

Is there any chance that adding the actual baseline created date to the API feed is somewhere on the roadmap or does anyone know of another way to access these data other than manual intervention in the report queries?

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Hello @netmarcos ,

This wont be added to the Project Online Odata API. You could have a new Enterprise Custom fields in Project Online and programmatically write the baseline saved dates to those fields. I wrote a simple example many years ago for on-premises but the same concept will work for Project Online for baselines created in the Project Client. For baselines created in PWA, this approach wont work. 


Messy but I guess effective. It would be an enormous challenge to get a client-side macro approved in our (Government) environment.

Curious though: for on premise installations, I would simply pull this data from draft.MSP_TASK_BASELINES_PUBLISHED_VIEW or Pub.MSP_TASK_BASELINES. I suppose those days are gone.

Hello @netmarcos ,

On premises it is not supported to query the pub schema with T-SQL, it is only supported to query the reporting schema (pjrep).


I'll go sit in my corner. There are probably a lot of things that I have done that are not supported.

haha, opps @netmarcos