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Introducing Project, or Project for the web

We are pleased to announce the beginning of the rollout of Project, also known as Project for the web and formerly known as Project service. As announced at Ignite 2018, the release of Project for the web marks the next chapter for Microsoft Project. If you are an existing Project customer with either Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium subscriptions, Project for the web will be available in your Office 365 tenant, starting in October 2019. Any user with one of these subscriptions will get access to this new product.


For more information, check out What is Project for the web? and Customizing Project for the web.


Subscriptions, Pricing, and Plans

Project for the web is available through two subscriptions: Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium. Each of these subscriptions also includes Project Online and Project Online desktop client. To understand which applications are provided in each of the available Project subscriptions and what capabilities each application offers see the Microsoft Project Service Description.


Subscription table.JPG


In the table above the number of checks (tiny checkmark.jpg) indicates the general level of capabilities provided by a plan. For example, for Project Online Premium provides more capabilities then Project Online Professional.

We will continue to offer Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium subscriptions at their current prices. All the new capabilities in our initial Project for the web release are available in both subscriptions so current subscribers can take advantage of the new capabilities at no additional cost. 


Note that Project for the web is only available through Project subscriptions.


Capabilities & Features

Please go see the list of capabilities and features for Project for the web


Questions and answers

What is the roadmap for Project for the web?

We will be providing the latest updates to Project products on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. If you filter on "Project," you will easily be able to find upcoming and released features and capabilities. We will be carefully tracking user feedback and usage. You can be part of the conversation by participating in our Project Feedback Forum.


In this age of agile software development, rather than setting a specific date for specific features, we will regularly assess customer feedback and usage data for Project for the web to ensure we are delivering features that meet customer needs.


Will Project for the web be available in the Office 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC)?

We are committed to offering Project for the web in GCC. You can contact your Microsoft representative for more information.

What are the benefits of Project for the web for Microsoft Partners?

Existing Project partners, and any other Microsoft partners interested in expanding their business will benefit from this new platform for Project for the web. The adoption of the Microsoft Power Platform as the new platform moving forward opens a new set of opportunities enabled by Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and the Common Data Service. We’re excited about the expansion of opportunities for partners, including training, app development, configuration services, adoption programs, and the ability to offer custom applications on AppSource, etc. We expect to see our Project Partner community transforming their current IP in the light of the new platform. You can learn more by joining our Yammer “Project Partners WW” group.



For existing customers

Project Online desktop client

Read Project for the web and Project Online desktop client.


Project Online

Read Project for the web and Project Online.


Project Server

We recognize that many customers are using Project Server and many need to continue to use it for some users or geographies due to compliance and other requirements. We released Project Server 2019 at the end of 2018.

Here is the product lifecycle for Project Server:

Project server.JPG

At this point, we do not have information to share about future on-prem releases of Project.



Looking forward to this!!

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Will there be a discount for Enterprise customers?

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Please provide a SKU mix chart so we can see what version will be included with Office 365 if any or will this be exclusively a stand-alone SKU?

  • Business Essentials
  • Business Premium
  • E3 
  • E5

these are my priorities that need answers for. I'm thinking a complete list would be helpful as well.

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Can’t wait to see more updates...

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"Project for the web will be available in your Office 365 tenant, starting in October 2019" . ---- I've checked my tenant, and can't find it anywhere. Where can I find it or activate it? My user account has a Project Online Professional license assigned.



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Can some pictures be shared of the board and timeline views? Show it off Microsoft! 

I have a customer interested in this. I am having difficulty finding a current pricing outline (the one I found references Skype!) nor can I find good promo demos, articles, etc. to pass on to them. They are interesting in Project on the Web in particular. Need some clarification to keep the products distinct in my mind. Thank you.

Here is a blog post with a getting started guide:

Here is a report pack for Project:

Here is a report pack to combine Project and Project Online data together in one report:

A short video introducing the new Project: 

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Does anyone know if there is any official documentation that details the release windows ? 

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I am in the process of configuring Project Online to be used by the PMO, but now I am in two minds as to whether to jump straight into the new Project. The new Project seems to be a simple scheduling tool at this stage, or am I missing something? Can the new Project be set up immediately as a fully fledged portfolio tool with resource planning, portfolio reporting, etc. or must I still use Project Online for that until the new Project is developed further?


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The new project still lacks resource management, custom fields, lookup tables etc that are currently the mainstay of the Project Online, which are due Q1 2020.



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If we create a Project in Project for Web (P4W) can we OPEN that Project using the Project Online Desktop and kind of vice versa - ie Can we OPEN an existing Project in Project Online using P4W?


@MonteStJohns no - P4W projects can only be opened and edited in P4W and Project Online projects can't be opened and edited in P4W. I released a Power BI report that combines P4W and Project Online projects to help in this scenario - see towards the end of this post for details:


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Stopped by the booth at Ignite, reps said you're in edu, you're not going to see it yet.

So, that begs the question, when will edu tenants see the new Project?

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@mahomedb  - 
You'd probably need to look into extending it with a model driven power app. 
That is at least the solution we are currently offering, since project for the web doesn't cover PPM as a whole. 

 You can see an example of it here:  

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I came back from Ignite ready to work in Project and found out not in edu tenant.   We pay for our project, what would be keeping it from our tenant?



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@Paul Matherthanks for the getting started guide, was looking everywhere for something to share with co-workers after seeing this at Ignite. Can't find anything from Microsoft other than how to purchase, and the announcement blog post. Having some user documentation would be great :)

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I'm working to understand the integration with the other Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of applications like Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Field Service...  Can you point me to the docs link for that.  Thank you

@Donna Edwards Project for the Web is built on the CDS. There is no out of the box integration at the moment - I guess this might change based on the customer feedback / demand seen on the user voice forum for Project: Those products you listed are also in the CDS so this doc might help if you wanted look at custom integration etc.:

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@Paul Mather 
An integration between CDS and CDS is that really a custom integration? 
or have i misunderstood and Dynamics 365 is not build on CDS?

@Kaare Moss CDS is an Azure SQL database. If you have many different applications sharing the same database and want to do some integration between those tables from other products sharing the same database - I'd class that as custom but it's just my opinion - hope that helps. :smile:

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Can projects be deleted? I see where I can remove them from the Recent list in Home, but there's no obvious way to delete all of these "test" projects I've created.

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Hi all,


Thanks for the responses but this is not what I'm asking.  For those of us who work with with Dynamics 365 business applications, we have Project Service Automation which I think was possibly what is know as Project online but I'm not completely clear at this time.  Can someone from Microsoft clarify for me if Project for the web, replaces what was previously known as Project Service Automation when selling business applications to customers.  If I can't get a Microsoft representative to confirm then I will ask the question on Yammer or my Microsoft LinkedIn contacts.


Thank you,

@jsangerman yes you can delete projects - click the Project name to load the Project name pane then click the ellipsis and you will see a Delete project option:


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I have that, thanks Paul.  Unfortunately, it leaves me with questions.  I would be surprised if it is Microsoft's plan to have 2 or 3 different products to maintain going forward (Project Online, Project for the web, Project Service Automation).  Although the article alludes to some "combined application" it doesn't specifically state that PSA will be transitioned to Project for the web.  Maybe Microsoft does plan to have one "PSA" product for the Dynamics suite of applications and a different offering for Project on the Web.  It unfortunately is not clear to me.  I'll circle back with the Microsoft product team or a Microsoft representative to see if I can get some additional details..  Cheers 

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@Donna Edwards


I can't speak for MS plans but I can tell you the exact same thing happened at Salesforce when they changed Platforms and it was years (in fact still underway) . 


At various clients I had - we literally had to Switch between the NEW vs OLD Platform from the front-end GUI and it was part of the solutioning decision as to what NEW feature to use or not. Even had to work out separate training.



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@Paul Mather Thanks, that works. Definitely not very discoverable. A little Information button next to the the name would be helpful.

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Is there any way to add the following in the current P4W - (1) risks (2) Issues (3) Project details (including customer name, sector, etc.)?


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@Paul Mather - 
I think it depends on how you see custom... but yeah it helps, thanks for the clarification :) 

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Hi, @Microsoft Project Team, @Paul Mather,

1) I've played around with the new "Project for the Web" however, I can't find the option to add sub-projects as the case with "Project Web Access". Is this supported yet ?

2) Can we have a matrix of supported features between PWA and PO please ?



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Does anyone know when Project for the Web will be available for education customers? We have asked our Microsoft point of contact as directed but they didn't know the timeline.

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@Derrick At Ignite was told next year. We'll see. 

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Thanks for the information about the Project for the Web education release. Do you know if next year means 12 months from now, January or just sometime next year? Thank you.

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Is Project for the web generally available or is it still being rollout to all tenants ? I was on a call with MS and was told it's not generally available. Our tenant is not in Targeted Release for all users. 


@Bert_tb It has been generally available since 10/29!

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Hi there,


@Microsoft Project Team  is the integration with Microsoft teams currently available?


I ask as it doesn't appear on the teams client or online? Is there something that needs to be done to access.

What's shown on the announcement. 


It's shown on features?

It states that you need a commercial subscription. I'm on Project Plan 3 and an Business Premium Office 365 subscription, which I'm assuming is commercial?


The application seems great and we really want to adopt it.



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Found the work around. Adding it as a website.

Might be slightly rich to call it an advertised integration, but it does the job. 


@Paul Mather thanks for this. It's a great help.

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@Brett O'Hanlon 

It really is a stretch calling it an integration, since you are authenticating differently to a website than you do if is was a native app/integration build by MS.

@Kaare Moss @Brett O'Hanlon  

Adding it as a website in Teams is a solution but it is anoying that you don't have Single Sign-on and thus need to do MFA everytime.

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@Paul Mather Really nice tool for high-level plan tracking. I liked the way it's connected with Power BI. My challenge is around "Effort" and "Duration".


1. If i add duration of 1 day, the default effort is 8 hrs but my task needs only 4 hrs. I can't change it as it stays at 8hrs.

2. If my task has 10 days of duration and effort is only 20 hours. It still stays at 80.


Also, manually adding tasks and attributes is very time consuming. Is there any recommended way to make this process faster but any import or connectivity feature.





Hi @fliaquat ,

The Effort and Duration are currently linked - this is currently by design in Project for the Web. There are a few user voice requests around this, it will be worth voting there - here is one:

Regarding importing tasks - what is the scenario? Where are the tasks coming from? Currently it is not possible to programmatically add / update tasks - again, there is an idea on user voice to vote on: and here

Hope that helps


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@Emanuel van der Aalst  
I completely agree, but as of now that is what is possible. 

Senior Member

Is there a detailed rollout timeline. In the UK and it isn't rolled out to my tenant yet?


Tantalisingly, I can see the 'New Blank Project' button briefly when the page loads but it quickly gets rolled over by the old 'Create New' button and Home page.


New Contributor


I have the same issue right now. Been dealing with support for a while on this.

I have plan 3 and started a trial on plan 1. On plan 1, im able to see Project for the web, but on plan 3, i have the same behavior you have.

I'm in Canada and been told at first that it didnt roll out first. But didnt accept this answer because if i create a project on plan 1, i'm able to open it with plan 3, but i'm just not able to create a new one on plan 3.

MS support has been working on this and they told me it has to do with where my data is stored. They say they have to move the data from CDS to the US for Project for the Web to work. I'm waiting for them to do it.

I must admit it's been frustrating. 



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