Project for the web – April 2020 Update
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Some features announced below may look familiar if you follow the Project on the Microsoft 365 Public Roadmap or read the March 2020 Update on this blog. The Public Roadmap provides advanced notice of upcoming features that are typically bigger in scope and/or highly anticipated. Another new feature resource to bookmark is the monthly ‘What’s new in Project’ article.  The “Project for the web” tab in this article highlights both big and small features that are already available to use.


Your feedback is invaluable in helping us make future product decisions. Please continue to give us your input by using the “Feedback” button in the product or UserVoice for Project for the web. We read every submission we get and try to respond as needed. Be sure to provide an email address so we can reach out to you for further information!


What’s the latest?

  • Support for all Geographies – Project for the web and Roadmap now have worldwide support. If you still cannot access Project for the web and Roadmap, contact your Office 365 admin.
  • Project for the web for Education – Project for the web and Roadmap are officially available for our education customers!
  • Project for the web and Roadmap on/off toggle – The ability to disable Project for the web or Roadmap in an entire tenant is available for all geographies. To learn more, please review the "Turn Project for the web or Roadmap on or off for users in your organization" article.
  • Task filtering     Use the filter toggle in the top right corner of the Project screen to filter your tasks in the Grid view. Enter in your keyword, and Project will search the (task) Name, Assigned to, and Bucket fields.
  • Project Percent Complete – Many of you need to know how much work has been done on your projects. Now, your project details will display the percent complete to give you better visibility into the overall work already completed against your entire project.
  • Copy Project – You can copy an existing project and use it to create your new project. Copying a project means all the tasks, dependencies, durations, and efforts are included. This feature is being rolled out incrementally and will be available to all users soon.
  • Task scheduling change for unassigned tasks– You can set Effort and Duration independently of each other for unassigned tasks. When Effort is set, Duration will not change.


What’s coming next?

  • View Persistence – Collapsing summary tasks or changing column width in the Grid view will stay the same when you reload or reopen your projects. This update will make it easier for you to find important information faster when opening a project!
  • Add Roadmap reports to the Power BI template – You will be able to use Roadmap reports in the Project report templates on Power BI.
  • Office 365 user view to Project for the web and Roadmap – Share your projects & roadmaps with Office 365 users! These users can only see the tasks in your projects but not make changes to your work. This functionality will be available first to Office 365 E5 users and will slowly roll out to users with other Office 365 licenses.
  • Task scheduling change for tasks with assignments - You will be able to set the Effort and Duration to be independent of each other for tasks with assignments. When Effort is set, Duration will not change. We will let you know when this update becomes available.


Answers to top questions

Q: Will filtering work in the Board and Timeline views?

A: Filtering is only available in the Grid view.


Q: How can I share Power BI reports with my clients?

A: If you have a Project Plan 3 or Plan 5 license, you can use the Project Power BI template to import, analyze, and share data from Project for the Web. There are a variety of “out-of-the-box” reports available to help you easily understand your data. For example, our Portfolio Dashboard gives you a roll-up of all projects, while the “My Work” report lets an individual team member see their own work across projects.


For more information, check out our help article on using Power BI with Project for the Web data here.

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