Project for the web – March 2020 Update
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Welcome to the first blog focused on new key features for Project for the web. Our intent is to highlight the latest and greatest, so we will provide updates periodically. The new features called out below may look familiar if you follow Project on the Microsoft 365 Public Roadmap,  which gives advanced notice on pending releases of larger features.  Additionally, other new capabilities mentioned in both this blog and future blogs will be appearing in the monthly “What’s new in Project" article, which will list out new larger and smaller features on an ongoing basis.


The feedback you provide through either the “Feedback” button in the product or UserVoice on Project for the web (or maybe both!)  plays a vital role on how we approach new features. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to comment or suggest ways on how to improve and evolve the product.  Please keep your feedback coming!  We read every submission we get and try to respond as needed. Be sure to provide an email address so we can reach out to you for further information – it’s very helpful for us!


What’s the latest?

Many of the new, or recently new, features for Project for the web and Roadmap are based on your input. Again, please continue to provide us your feedback!

  • Copy link to task – Using the the right-click menu, you can copy a link to a task. This link, when clicked, will take you back to the project with the details opened for that specific task. If someone wants more details on the task, they can click the link you shared to open the task and see what you are referencing.
  • More Roadmap Zoom levels – One top request for Roadmap was for users to zoom out to see a longer timeframe on the screen. We heard you and added three new zoom stops so you can see as much as 6 years at a time. 
  • Many bug fixes  Like any v1 experience, we’ve received a lot of feedback and have been fixing a number of bugs. One interesting bug was how a user's screen would start shaking for no apparent reason. It took us a moment for us to figure out what this feedback meant, but we were able to reproduce the issue and have since fixed it. Another common bug fix was on the “Today” and yellow late task highlighting that appeared incorrectly in the Grid and Board views. This issue came up when your time zone was different from the project’s time zone.
  • Power BI report template including Project Online and Project for the web – As you may have projects in both Project Online and Project for the web, you now can use the updated Power BI report template to include reports that connect to both data sources.  Please reference the "Connect to Project data through Power BI Desktop" article to learn more.


What’s coming next?

We will be launching the following in April.

  • Support for all Geographies – Starting April 7, 2020, Project for the web and Roadmap will have worldwide support. If you haven't been able to see both service and capability, it could be because your region hasn't been supported up until now. After mid to late April, if you are still unable to access Project for the web and Roadmap, you may need to contact your Office 365 admin. 
  • Toggle on/off -  You will have the ability to disable Project for the web or Roadmap for your entire tenant. This feature will be available for all geographies. For more details, please review the "Turn Project for the web or Roadmap on or off for users in your organization" article.
  • Project for the web & Roadmap for Education – Great news for our education customers!   You will have access to Project for the web and Roadmap as the roll out begins on April 7, 2020.
  • Copy project – You may have a project that is like a previous project you’ve completed. To make it easier to get started quickly, you can copy the existing project and use it as the basis for a new project. When copying the project, you’ll get all the tasks, dependencies, and other scheduling information, which you can then update as needed. 
  • Task filtering – As your project grows, you may need to see only a subset of the project at one time. You can soon filter your list of tasks in the Grid view. Just click the filter button on the top right of the page and enter the value you want to query on. Project will search the (task) Name, Assigned to and Bucket fields. 
  • Task scheduling change – In response to your feedback, you can now set Effort and Duration independently of each other for unassigned tasks. When Effort is set, Duration will not change. For tasks with assignments, our plan is to also update Effort and Duration to be independent of each other. We will let you know  when this update becomes available. 


Answers to top questions

We want to share the two most commonly asked questions with their respective answers below.


Q. How do I delete a project?

A  Click the project’s name. In the side pane that pops out, click the … in the upper right corner, and you’ll see the Delete project command.


Q.  How do I create a milestone?

A.   Set the task duration to 0 days for any task, and you now have a milestone. Milestones are represented by diamonds in the Timeline view, and our plan is to update their styling for the Grid view, too.














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