Using the combobox to search for multiple terms from a lookUp-column in a SharePoint list.

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Hello, everybody,
I've been stuck for quite a while now with a major problem when using LookUp linked SharePoint lists in Powerapps.


My goal:
To filter a list of entries using the combo box. The list (List1) to be searched has a lookup column that can hold multiple values from another column of another table (List2). A sketch of the setup in SharePoint and in PowerApps looks like this:




My basic approach is as follows:
1. the combo box gets the values from List 2 via List2.Title
2. the Gallery or DataTable for List1 displays the results depending on the multi-selected values for List 2 from the combo box.



  • If "Alpha" is selected in the combo box, ListItem 1 and ListItem2 appear
  • If "Beta" is selected in the combo box, ListItems 2 and ListItem3 appear
  • If "Beta" and "Gamma" are selected in the combo box, only ListItem 2 appears

=> In short, it should work like an AND search.


The core problem for me is that I do not have a value in a column field to check, but a table within the column field. I would prefer a Gallery, but I can already see with Data-Table that it does not identify the look-up values in List1, but only outputs them as "Object".


Am I on the right track? I just need a nudge in the right direction. Do I perhaps need another approach? I am extremely grateful for any kind of help!


Many greetings


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@Collab-Constructor_93  your example doesn't make sense to me:

  • If "Beta" is selected in the combo box, ListItems 2 and ListItem3 appear
  • If "Beta" and "Gamma" are selected in the combo box, only ListItem 2 appears


Because if Beta is selected then ListItems 2 and 3 should appear and also whatever Gamma is supposed to display as you are wanting it like an AND search. Your logic doesn't seem quite right.


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Hi @Rob Elliott

 and thanks for your reply!
Basically i want it to work like this way:

Show me all records from the List to be filtered, which contain at minimum the selected items from the combobox.

So if I only select „Beta“ Show me all records, which contain „Beta“ in the corresponding column.

If I select Beta And Gamma show me only records, which contain both entries in the corresponding column.

Sorry if my example didn‘t reflect this idea. Whirh And search i tried to refer to the case, when I set multiple Filters in an Excel Sheet.