SharePoint List item Date field displaying incorrectly when created by a particular user

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I have a PowerApps application that users use to enter events in that then creates a record in a SharePoint Online List.  It works fine when I, or many other employees use it, but i have one user that when they create the record, the date displays the day before in the SharePoint list.  I have placed a trace on the PowerApp itself, and can see when it calls the create item API that it passes the correct date value.


This gets a little more strange, when i select the record and select edit, it shows the correct date.


I have checked with the user their O365 profile that the region and timezone settings are set correctly, including in SharePoint and PowerApps and it all looks correct. 


Has anyone experienced this type of behaviour, or have any suggestions?




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Yes, I did had the same experience with one of the user and the solution was to move him to the correct time zone he was as his computer was on the correct time zone but his O365 profile and region setting was set to US so i have to setup that correctly to what ever region/country he was and also his device was Azure AD joined so had the same country and location and after that the issue was fixed with any new records the date/time was fixed.

but just to mention one thing mine was not a PowerApp it was just a SharePoint list!