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I have a SharePoint homepage with different lists in it. Is there a way with SharePoint http (power autoamte) to change the "column in 'list' to filter". 


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@ldLDL There is no standard Power automate action available using SharePoint connector for your exact requirements.


However, if you figure out how to update web part properties using SharePoint REST API, you can use "Send HTTP Request to SharePoint" action in power automate to run REST API request which will change the filter in web part.


Ideally, you will need to updated LayoutWebpartsContent property in site page content. Check this: Publish dynamic document with File Viewer in a SP Page 

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Thank you for your response. Just to clarify, I was referring to utilizing HTTP requests for this task. I plan to experiment with methods such as updating the LayoutWebpartsContent. Once I've made progress, I will provide you with an update.