SharePoint Approval Flow - Get Item doesn't work for Folders/Subfolders, List Not Found

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Hi all,


I currently have a relatively simple Approval workflow in place which was working when I was only using Document Libraries.


The Flow went as such:

  • For a selected item (Site Address + List Name) >
  • Get item (Site Address + List Name + ID) >
  • Get file metadata (Site Address + Identifier) >
  • Start and wait for an approval >
  • Condition (Outcome = Approve) >
  • if Yes, Set content approval status (Site Address + List Name + ID + ETag) >
  • Send an email

Original Flow.PNG

I am trying to replicate the above but instead of referring to the Document Library, I am trying to refer to a Folder within the Document Library e.g. instead of Site Address: + List Name: Document Library, I'm trying to use List Name: /Document Library/Folder


However, in doing this, the Get Item step is now failing.

List Not Found.PNG

LIst not Found 2.png

I have tried using Get Files (Properties only) but I don't know if I can use anything gathered from this step because the Set Content Approval step is now failing due to it not knowing what to set to Approve.Flow.PNG

Any help would be appreciated to understand how I can get this working for Folders within Document Libraries.

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Hi @albertstain,


I would have expected the "For selected file" trigger and "Get Files (Properties only)" action. See the sample image below.

Annotation 2020-09-09 122723.png

I hope this helps.



@stormin_30 Thank you so much for this. I've tested and the flow is working as intended. This is my first time having to use the Initialize Variable step and getting the metadata info using the steps you outlined.