Send an email when Name is added to a certain column in Sharepoint List

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is it possible to create a flow, that will send an email to the person when the "Assigned to" column (that is created as "person") gets populated with a Name?

Example: list item 1, when created Assigned to is blank, after revision is assigned to one of my colleagues to John's name is added to the Assigned to. I tried using @ but it does not work.


Any thoughts? thank you

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In Power Automate create a new "Automated Cloud Flow"
Choose the trigger "When an Item or File is Modified"
Add a Get Item or Get File Properties step (gets all of the metadata values on the item)
Add a condition to see if the 'Assigned To' column has a value
- YES - send email
- NO - end the Flow
Hi, Thank you for your feedback, but that does not work, because it means that any change in that item where a person has been assigned is going to trigger that email, even when closing the job.
I tried using the Dynamic content "has Column changed: AssignedTo" but the outcome is the same as just "AssignedTo" not equal to Null.
I tried using ANDs and ORs but cannot make it work either.
All i want is an email when the "AssignedTo" column changes and not when any other column changes
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This video might help. I think it is similar to what you are wanting to do
I hope this helps :)