Pre-populate SharePoint List Form via URL parameter i.e. customize using Power Apps

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I need to pass value via URL to SharePoint List Form, which has been customized using Power Apps Form. i.e. New Form.aspx.



I customized the SharePoint OOTB List form using Power Apps  and passing parameter using URL. I am not able to fetch the value into form.

example:- Assigned the URL Parameter value to control.



After save and publish the form. I browse the SharePoint List Form with parameter and didn't value and didn't recognize passed parameter.



Surprising , When I use Power apps direct url. It works fine.

Direct Power App URL with Parameter:-<appid>?ticketid=5





I spend almost a days to get same result in SharePoint List Form (customize via power apps) but no luck. Please advice.


Thanks in advance.


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I am on the same quest :) 


Hi Manoj,

do you want to Look Up the Ticket ID in the New Form from an other list? If yes you have the wrong Control.. or do you use a calculated coloumn?



Hi Manoj,

When you save the list form, does the list recognize the passed url parameter?
If that is the case it is not necessary to show the field to the user.