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I am not so sure how name this topic/conversation but I will try my best to explain what I am trying to achieve. Here we go, I got a list with multiple data input fields and when an item is created I would need to start an approval process - sounds simple. Here is the catch I don't know to make two different forms. I would need to have two different forms, one for input and it needs to be custom because not all fields can be seen or writen. Second for would be where responsible person could review the info and then have two options either reassign via button and filling out required fields or responding to an issue via different button.


It would work like this:

New item was created > Responsible person would get an email with custom form > He chooses either reassign or respond to an issue. If he chooses to reassign then new person has to get the same email.


Can't figure out how to do:

  • Have two different custom forms and push them via email 
  • Create reassign button.
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@LukasSliuzas you can't put a re-assign button into the approval email. The approver needs to go into the Action items in Power Automate and reassign it from there. There's no other way to do it within the flow.


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