Power Apps Customized list for SharePoint. Add Image feature or Attachments


I am new to Powerapps, since they have done a really good job with allowing you to customize lists in sharepoint as of late I have been getting into it. I wanted to know two things if its possible:


My main goal is so that people can upload attachments. Typically screenshots


1. For the Insert>Media>Add Picture. It would be cool to use this for people that want to upload screenshots. I cant seem to get the picture to display correctly. I add the button, then I upload the picture it appears but if I refresh the sharepoint list and open the item which opens powerapps, the image then disappears. Any advice?




2. Is there a way to upload attachments to sharepoint list using Powerapps? I saw a "Has attachments" option but I did not see any upload attachments options. Any advice?



Thank You,

Brian Knutson

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Attachments/Images are still a challenge in PowerApps. They just release the ability to display a SharePoint attachment. Here are my comments on your two questions.


1. PowerApps can't save images directly to SharePoint because it uses a different format. There is a workaround that is a little complex but basically you would need to create a Flow that gets attached to the PowerApp that would convert the image into a binary format and save it to SharePoint.


2. At this time PowerApps only supports displaying SharePoint attachments. The PowerApps team is working improving this functionality to include uploading attachments.