Populate a SharePoint calendar from Microsoft Forms via Flow

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I have an automation where my users can fill out a Microsoft Form and Flow picks up the fields and puts them into a SharePoint calendar. Now when Forms populates the calendar list, it is one day early for every event, I think due to there is no time field in Forms. I'm trying to add a day to the date fields in Flow by using the adddays formula, but I don't know how. Can anyone help me, or think of a better solution?


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Use the date time connector and convert the utc time from forms to your timezone and then use that value in your create action https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/working-with-dates-and-times/

@Alan Marshall

Thanks Alan! There are multiple time zones of people that will be using this form - Pacific Time to Eastern Time. I'm not sure which to choose. Any idea? Do I choose the one that I am in as the admin?


Thanks so much! 

@Alan Marshall

Actually your post helped very much. Using the blog article, I was able to use the Flow date time connector for "Add to time" to add a day, and now my process works perfectly. Thank you!