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Hi all, I'm trying to build a form that is connected to my files and folders in Sharepoint.


Here's how it works:

1. Employee goes to a Sharepoint site, navigate to the form page to upload marketing assets (jpeg/mp3/mp4/etc.).

2. Once uploaded, the marketing assets will be saved to the right folders according to the form field entries.


In other words, the form consists of drop-down lists that reflect the actual folder structure.

For instance, if I have the below folder structure:

Client Name > Campaign Name > Asset Name


The form will consists of 3 fields and 1 button:

  1. Client name
  2. Campaign name
  3. Asset name
  4. Upload button

I have no clue on where to start regarding this. Any tips?

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Hi @Keira_Low - is there a business case against them directly accessing this library and navigating through the folder structure themselves to upload the files? If so, you could use Forms and Flow to route the documents, but keep in mind that Flow isn't going to be free for too much longer.

If as Kelly suggests, you went with having the users simply upload files direct to the library, you could ditch the folders, and just use Choice columns for the 3 fields - then use views / filters to display the content as required.

Hi, @Kelly_Edinger . 


In terms of business case, yes we do not want certain employees to have direct access into the folders. Hence, them uploading the files through a form is preferred.


When you say Forms, are you referring to Microsoft form?

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Hi @Keira_Low - yes I am referring to Microsoft Forms. You could create the Form and then have Flow route the documents to the correct path based on the fields they select in the Form.


Alternatively, you could set up a Drop Off Library/Content Organizer.