Newly created folder (with Power Automate) not syncing automatically on Windows


Hi everyone,

I don't know if this is a temporary bug, but I have not found any other topic discussing this and I figured that maybe someone has already come across the same issue.

Our customers use a List and when they create a new line in it, a Cloud Flow triggers and creates a Sharepoint folder with the same name as in the List Title, and then copies the Sharepoint folder link into a column in the List. This part works fine.

What is weird is that any folder created with this flow doesn't sync automatically on Windows Explorer.

If we manually create a file, either from Windows or Sharepoint, then everything syncs (even the folder created by Flow).

Are we missing something in the flow, or is something else causing this that we are not aware of?

Thanks a lot for any help that you will be able to provide :) 

power automate folder creation.jpg

power automate folder creation 2.jpg

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