Is there a training for flow and powerapps?

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I think flow and powerapps can be really great tools within a business to utilize. Although it seems quiet straightforward to use when you watch a demo from ignite, it's rather complicated when you try it yourself for the first time.


Is there a training (free or paid) in presence training in Germany (or Europe) or a remote Training for flow and powerapps?


I think simple watching tutorials is not enough to develop the skills. Or it takes way too much time. A training with a trainer would be awesome.

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Google for "PowerApps App in a day", you can see companies providing training on PowerApps. Below is one such URL.

There is a free online training on EDX - 

Developing Business Applications with PowerApps and Microsoft Flow:

Also there are Guided Learning content for both PowerApps : & Microsoft Flow: 


Thanks so much :)

@Pratap Ladhani Thanks a ton for sharing the eDX link. I Just Enrolled MS Flow and MS PowerApps ... 

Hi there! The EdX course is closed, but i created a bunch of Guided Learning you can use - we also write the Flow of the week every week, which is a great way for people to learn about building Flows. Also, be sure to register for the official community, there is a TON more information and materials there!



The issue is that the EDX courses end after sometime.  Also, the labs need to be done 2 weeks before due date.


Is it possible to keep the EDX courses ongoing? 




Our company offers training for PowerApps and Flow

Link to training - by HB Munich GmbH

Thank you so much!!