I want to create a IT Asset management tool using SharePoint List

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Currently, I am using a template from SharePoint which is Asset Manager
In there we have
|Device | Photo | Asset Tag | Status | Manufacturer | Model | Asset Type | Color | Serial number | Purchase Price | Order# | Current Owner | Previous Owner | Due Date | Condition Notes |

I want to have two forms here where assigned users will only update the asset stock and another form will be used to assign to users from the available assets.
**When an IT personal Assigns an asset to someone's name it will generate an email from the IT shared mailbox to that user will a notification that IT have assigned a device to him. If he has received it he has to click accept on that email. And then the user will be added in the current owner's name and the assigned date will be added on that date.
** a pdf will be created from the list if the IT personal clicks a button where it will generate an asset handover form.
** in every entry from the asset stoke list creator a new Asset tag number will be created so that it will be used to create a barcode to level up the laptop.
** so that if anyone scans the barcode it will provide the asset tag list from that SharePoint List.

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