How to create an event with flow?

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Hello ,


I want to create an Event when a new item is created on a SharePoint list.

But i don´t know how to full fill the Start / End Time


It should work like this

Start Time for the meeting: 1 day after / 11.30 / Duration 30min

End Time for the meeting:  12:00


What i have to do in the Formula? please send post a  screenshot


Calender event.PNG


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You can try this.... this will create a 30 minute event 1 day after the create date of the item in Sharepoint.



The expressions:


adddays(formatDateTime(triggerBody()?['Created'],' yyyy-MM-ddT11:30'),1)
adddays(formatDateTime(triggerBody()?['Created'],' yyyy-MM-ddT12:00'),1)


Hope this helps...



Thank you, perfect!

@Terry McCullagh 

Hi Terry, I saw that you provided great support to other users, albeit some time ago. 
I am trying to create an automated event in Power Automate, an event to be scheduled 30 minutes after an assignment in Planner has been created. But despite several tries it won't work. Would be super grateful for your help!





Can you paste a screenshot of the relevant part of your flow and I will try to help?