How to create an event with flow?

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Hello ,


I want to create an Event when a new item is created on a SharePoint list.

But i don´t know how to full fill the Start / End Time


It should work like this

Start Time for the meeting: 1 day after / 11.30 / Duration 30min

End Time for the meeting:  12:00


What i have to do in the Formula? please send post a  screenshot


Calender event.PNG


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You can try this.... this will create a 30 minute event 1 day after the create date of the item in Sharepoint.



The expressions:


adddays(formatDateTime(triggerBody()?['Created'],' yyyy-MM-ddT11:30'),1)
adddays(formatDateTime(triggerBody()?['Created'],' yyyy-MM-ddT12:00'),1)


Hope this helps...



Thank you, perfect!