How to add multiple filters and conditions on a gallery items property - powerapps

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Hi All,
I'm quite new with powerapps and i'm having it difficult regarding how i can

- Have multiple filters e.g on a gallery (items property)

- Have multiple if statements?
Sometimes I see semicolon being used sometimes comma


For example in one of the scenario i'm strugging with is:
I have a gallery i inserted showing data from a sharepoint list



As you can see below the search items textbox works ok but as highlighted i also have a dropdownlist

(showing Test)


What i want to be able to do:-

Is to be able to filter the gallery using the dropdown list.

How do i combine this two below together in the items property of the gallery

SortByColumns(Filter([@ClientPowerApps], StartsWith(Title, TextSearchBox1.Text)), "Title", If(SortDescending1, Descending, Ascending)


Filter(ClientPowerApps,'Last Name' = Dropdown1.Selected.'Last Name')



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