Help - new to sharepoint and power automate

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I have a spreadsheet in my sharepoint site that is populated by PowerAutomate when an MS Form is filled in.

I added a second worksheet to the spreadsheet on which i created some tables containing filtered date from sheet 1. - Each table was given a name.

I created lists based on each table on worksheet 2 of the spreadsheet.


So, for exampe, worksheet 1 of the spreadsheet holds all the support given to staff needing help. There is a table on worksheet 2 that shows how many staff were helped by a trainer or a champion.

The list based on this table holds the following
Digital Trainers 100
Digital Champions 2

From the list i have created a quick chart to visualise the information

My problem is - when a new form is completed the results are added to the spreadsheet - this works fine.
The tables on worksheet 2 update as a new form is completed - this works fine
I need the lists created from the tables on worksheet 2 to update when a new form is completed - at the moment they don't.....   How do i get a list to update/refresh when a new form is submitted - is this a power automate task?? If so how do i refresh a list when the spreadsheet receives a new row

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I need a few clarifications here. First, the first spreadsheet, you are populating with a flow? Why? A form will directly update a spreadsheet on your site if you connect it to the group. Second, why is the second sheet needed? Could you directly upload the data to a list and then do a little filtering/grouping in a view? Yes, you can directly load data into a list using Power Automate. Steps are "When a form is submitted" trigger and "Create a new item" in the SharePoint Power Automate Tasks. Pretty sure there's a template for that. But I might not quite understand what you are doing with the spreadsheets. I would connect the flows directly to the form, rather than daisychain several based on spreadsheet updates.


Hi Shaun - thanks for replying..

I've confused myself here.. and just had another look

I have a microsoft form. The spreadsheet for the form is on the sharepoint and populates when the form is completed.

I did a list using a flow to see how that would work as i have only just started to use sharepoint.

On the spreadsheet that forms produces, i created a second worksheet and on there created some summary info from the main page - I labelled each one of those as a table.

I then created a list for each of the summary tables and used that list as the source for the quickcharts on the sharepoint page -

Looks good but as more forms are completed the lists and the charts do not update as i thought they would


So, I am not a quickchart expert at all, but I do think it takes a manual update as far as my research shows. But it seems there is a flow step that you can use to create a new chart when an item is updated. Here's a bit of documentation about what you can do with Power Automate and quickcharts.

Excel should update its internal charts by itself. I am not sure really what would be going on there. I'm sorry I could not be more help.
Thanks very much Shawn.. I will have a read at the documetation...

really appreciate you taking the time to reply