get items from another sharepoint list using power automate

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hello everyone,


i have 2 different list inside my sharepoint site. one is where the users manually enter info and one is for look up purpose, i call it inventory received. what i wanted to happen is when the column 'NDC' value have a Match on 'inventory received list', the value will automatically populate on "purchased" column.

is there a way to achieved this using Power automate (get items)? or is there a suggested workaround?




thank you in advanced!



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You can achieve this using Power Automate. In order to achieve via Power Automate, you have to create a new field to keep track of whether the value from the Inventory list is updated or not else the flow will run in an infinite loop, since we are running the flow when an item is created or modified. Follow the steps below

  • Create a flow when an item is created or modified
  • Use the conditional action to check the field NDC has value or not.
  •  If it has the value, then use the get item action and pass in the NDC value in the filter query to the Inventory list to get the field value.
  • Update the purchased field with the value received from the above step.


@Sudharsan K  hello! first, i would like to thank you for your response and help. 

I created the flow below. it looks like it is working but now my problem is whenever is an entry on the owes list with the same ndc value, only one entry gets updated and the other entry stays blank.

any thoughts of any workaround for this scenario?